Concrete Additions in Broomfield

Concrete Additions

Are you a resident of Broomfield, Colorado and looking to lay a residential concrete pad? If so, then Broomfield Concrete Contractors got you covered. Here are some of the pads we construct;

RV Pads

Your recreational vehicle or RV is a costly investment. As such, you want to protect is so that you can extend its life. But how do you do that? You can extend the lifespan of your RV by constructing a concrete RV pad where your vehicle will be resting. At Broomfield Concrete Contractors, we are highly skilled in installing durable and long lasting RV pads in Broomfield CO that can last for decades without much maintenance.

But why choose concrete for laying your RV pad? Here are some reasons:

  • Concrete offers a long-term parking and storage pad for your RV
  • Concrete Protects Your RV tires. When installing an RV pad, you want to avoid petroleum-based materials like asphalt, as these can damage your RV tires over time.
  • Concrete reduces moisture levels. A concrete RV pad can also reduce the amount of moisture your RV undercarriage is exposed to. This will prevent rusting.
  • Easier parking. When you choose concrete to lay your Rv pad, you’ll never dread parking your motorhome. Concrete surfaces are leveled during installation to ensure easy parking of your RV.

Concrete Patios

Your backyard is an extension of your home. It has been nicknamed “outdoor room.” due to the many functions this space serves. One of the structures you can construct in your backyard to make it even more functional is a patio. There are many materials to choose from when it comes to laying the foundation of a patio but concrete remains the best.

Concrete patios give your backyard a fresh, beautiful look. When you choose us, we can customize your patio surface to mimic much more expensive alternatives such as pavers, stone, slate or marble. Create a beautiful, personalized and durable patio with Broomfield Concrete Contractors.

AC pads

The AC condenser is one of the crucial components of an AC unit that is usually installed outside your house.

AC condensers are typically quite heavy. As such, they need to be placed on a sturdy surface like concrete that will support their weight. Also, the air conditioning condenser’s vibrations can make the surface sink over a period of time which can damage the unit. That’s why every property owner needs a good outdoor AC condenser pad to support and hold the system over time.

Concrete is recommended for AC pads due to its super strength, durability and longevity. It can help keep your AC pad safe and considerably extend its life. At Broomfield Concrete Contractors, we can help you lay a solid, durable pad that will last decades.

Basketball Pads

Basketball is an interesting sport that can be played by anyone even without teammates. You can build a basketball court for your kids to keep them busy and practice their shooting skills.

When it comes to constructing a basketball pad, you want something sturdy and compact so that it won’t sink during the rains. The surface should be sealed and have a smooth trowel finishing to make it safe for kids. Concrete is the best material to lay a basketball pad due to its super strength and durability. At Broomfield Concrete Contractors, we install durable and affordable basketball courts to the residents of Broomfield, Co. We usually reinforce our concrete with rebar when pouring it to make the pad strong and durable.

These are some of our services. Contact us now to get free quotes for all our services.